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Voluntary exit schemes

Question by Steve O'Connell

What assessment have you, MOPAC and the Metropolitan Police Service made of South Yorkshire Police's decision to encourage long-serving officers to leave their posts earlier than previously planned?

Answer by Sadiq Khan

The South Yorkshire scheme paid for longer serving officers to leave under voluntary exit and then replace them with new recruits at a lower cost. This is in effect a 'spend to save' option for forces and is not a scheme that the MPS is currently considering.

The MPS is still recruiting significant numbers of officers per year and many of the longer serving officers at constable level will have specialist skills such as Detectives or work in business areas where the MPS would want to retain such skills.

The MPS are open to exploring opportunities to allow officers to exit on a voluntary basis where this helps to deliver organisational change programmes. Any decision to use such schemes would therefore have to be made in the context of a strong financial case for change.

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