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Protection for public houses

Question by Steve O'Connell

In light of the figures you released earlier this year revealing that the number of pubs in London have fallen by a quarter since 2001, how will you build on the strong London Plan pub protections introduced in 2015 by your predecessor, and make use of the new provisions within the Neighbourhood Planning Act, to ensure the strongest possible protection for public houses in the new London Plan?


Answer by Sadiq Khan

I have been concerned at the unprecedented loss of pubs in London over the past years and am therefore pleased that the Neighbourhood Planning Act offers extra protection to pubs from demolition and change of use by removing permitted development rights.

Pubs are a much loved British institution and are an integral part of London's vibrant culture and night life.  Pubs can be an important asset for local communities who, until the new Neighbourhood Planning Act, have had limited opportunities to have their say in the fate of their 'local'.  

I am going to have a dedicated policy in the London Plan to provide strong protection for public houses where they have a heritage, cultural, economic or social value.  This will seek to ensure that only those pubs where there is no prospect of the unit being used as a pub in the foreseeable future are granted permission for alternative uses.  I will encourage proposals for new public houses, where appropriate, to stimulate town centre regeneration and the night time economy.

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