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Police funding formula (2)

Question by Steve O'Connell

What assessment have you and MOPAC made of the processes involved in the development of a new police funding formula?

Answer by Sadiq Khan

We remain concerned about the impact that changes to the funding formula could have on the MPS budget, particularly in combination with the underfunding of current activities carried out by the MPS through only partial funding of the National and International Capital Cities Grant.

The Home Office have not yet provided exemplifications of the various potential elements making up a new formula, and without these it is not possible to make a judgement of the impact on the MPS budget. It is unfortunate that this work has not yet been completed, and MOPAC and the MPS continue to make the case that this work should take place immediately.

We will continue to work with the Home Office to make the strongest case for fair funding for the MPS.

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