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A22/A23 Junction

Question by Steve O'Connell

Can the Mayor instruct TfL to prioritise the improvement of the A22/A23 Junction in Purley?

Answer by Boris Johnson

This scheme was developed by TfL, in partnership with the London Borough of Croydon in 2002. These highway proposals formed a central plank in Croydon’s adopted regeneration strategy and Supplementary Planning Guidance. Whilst the project had funds allocated within TfL’s spending plan at the time, TfL was unable to secure the support of Tesco, which was critical to the delivery of the scheme.

TfL has, however, continued to work with the LB of Croydon and other stakeholders on this project. Last year, Tesco contacted officers to discuss its plans for a major redevelopment of its store, which would potentially facilitate the town centre project and also provide significant financial contributions towards its construction. However, local public opinion was strongly against Tesco’s plans and the associated highway scheme. As a result, Tesco announced recently that it is no longer seeking a major redevelopment of this site.

Without the positive involvement of Tesco, there is little likelihood of substantial changes taking place to this junction. However I will review the position with TfL, to see what opportunities might be worthy of pursuing.

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