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Local policing abstractions (4)

Question by Steve O'Connell

Pursuant to Question 2017/0374, what rationale was used to decommission the old system of recording and publishing abstraction data before the new system was completed and therefore the data available for public consumption?


Answer by Sadiq Khan

MPS Data systems are used for a broad range of purposes for which generating abstraction information is only a small part.

Abstraction data was taken from an operational system for managing public order called POSMIS. This system was antiquated, technically unsupported and on its own servers, and as a result could not be moved from the previous New Scotland Yard building.

A new operational system on Share Point was developed and implemented before POSMIS was decommissioned. A solution to efficiently provide abstraction data from this new operational system has been commissioned.

It would have been an unacceptable operational risk to maintain unsupported, parallel systems solely to produce abstraction data.

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