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Taxi idling

Question by Steve O'Connell

Following concerns about renewed taxi idling in London, and the impacts on this on air quality, what plans do you have to renew your predecessor's scheme to help local authorities discourage taxi idling?

Answer by Sadiq Khan

Local authorities have powers to issue fixed penalty notices and enforce against engine idling under Part 6 (3) and 12 of the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations. All vehicles on the roads are subject to these regulations and there is no separate sanction for taxis.

TfL has previously carried out information campaigns aimed at reducing engine idling by drivers in London. TfL also provides advice on engine idling in its communication channels to taxi and private hire licensees - the taxi and private hire web pages, Twitter, a weekly email and their bi-monthly magazine for the trades.

Where specific concerns have been raised with TfL, its compliance officers work closely with the relevant local authorities. This includes attending locations in conjunction with local authority officers and engaging with drivers to encourage them to switch their engines off.

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