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Developers could pay for new GPs in Sutton to meet increasing demand

London’s population is set to grow by approximately one million over the next decade as the Mayor of London aims to build 420,000 new homes.

Construction of this much-needed housing though must be supported with appropriate infrastructure if communitiesare to cope with these increased populations.

This is no more apparent than in the health sector, where my recent report found 550 new GPs will be needed in the capital over the next ten years to keep up with increasing demand.

Many boroughs are already below the England average of GP numbers, as recommended by the NHS.

Sutton was found to have 7.2 GP’s per 10,000 people, compared to the England average of 7.6 per 10,000 people.

Local authorities, including Sutton, already receive cash to build supportive facilities through payments from developers known as Section 106 or Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions.

However, my report found many boroughs are failing to prioritise health facilities alongside other much-needed resources.

I am therefore urging the Mayor of London to ask borough councils to set aside some of this money to invest in health facilities, such as GP surgeries.

The amount of cash available to London boroughs was recently increased so this approach would not take money away from other, equally vital investments.

By investing in health facilities with money from major developments, we will be building a better future for Londoners.

Steve O’Connell AM

GLA Conservative Assembly member

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