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Mayor ‘keeping London Assembly in the dark’ over policing matters

The Mayor of London is keeping London Assembly members in the dark over policing announcements and failing to open himself up to scrutiny, according to a senior Assembly Member.

Sadiq Khan today announced he would be running a public consultation on his Police and Crime Strategy, which will help form his plans for policing in London over the next four years.

The announcement was seemingly made without the Mayor’s policing scrutiny body, the Police and Crime Committee, even being informed – the third such snub after Sadiq failed to inform them of his Knife Crime Summit and his Policing Matters event.

London Assembly Member Steve O’Connell said: “It seems the only way the Police and Crime Committee gets to hear about anything the Mayor does around policing these days is to pick up the newspaper.

“He has a duty to inform the committee of his actions in order that he is subject to proper scrutiny. To simply keep us in the dark and press release his announcements through the back door without the courtesy of even informing us is very disappointing.

“This is another example of Sadiq being a ‘press release Mayor’ and, given it’s the third time this has happened, I intend to raise it with him personally. I would hope he is more willing in future to open himself up to scrutiny by those of us who represent the Londoners who elected him.”

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