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Gatwick Airport

Dear Sir

The time is approaching when the Government will announce its decision on airport expansion. We can expect the siren song of support for Heathrow to reappear. However the Government should have no difficulty in resisting this call for two major reasons. First, Heathrow has no hope of overcoming the massive air quality issues related to its expansion. Indeed it already breaches acceptable limits under its current footprint. Secondly, Heathrow already accounts for more than a third of all those adversely affected by aircraft noise in the whole of Europe. Allowing an expansion that would increase this further would be completely unacceptable. Given these objections, it’s likely that even with the Government approval, judicial reviews and other legal challenges would tie up any actual expansion for years. We need a solution now. That solution is to expand Gatwick and I will be pushing the new Mayor to match his campaign rhetoric and do everything possible to ensure that the Government makes the right choice.


Steve O’Connell                                                                                       GLA Conservative Member Croydon & Sutton

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